Friday, June 09, 2006

Home for Good

Exams are over and I'm home for good.

Let's see, I guess you want to know how it all went.

Paper One I came out feeling quite positive. I answered all the questions and felt the answers were right. In fact, a lot of them I knew the answers were right!

Paper Two - oh dear.....I didn't revise 'Lead' - my selected biological hazards were Asbestos, Leptospira and Chlorine....we were told to select two, I selected three for safety's sake.......but obviously the wrong three!
And a question about soldering - not something I have ever done, or am ever likely to do, or manage, or even watch, I have to admit.......or something I know anything about.
And when the exam was over I merely yelled 'and what the f*&^&^%k is a 'mobile jib crane!?!'. To which Rich (who was in front of me) answered 'I knew you were going to say that!'. 'Mobile' - ok, do you push it, pull it, ride on it, tow it? 'Jib', I know what one of those is, but I feel the size and therefore the hazard is in direct proprtion to the first bit! 'Crane' - yep lifty thing that lifts things....but what? Outdoors, indoors? High lift, low lift?
OK, I've googled 'Mobile Jib Crane', and not only are there not many.....but I'm still no clearer.
(for those with a twisted sense of humour, I did write in the margin of my exam paper 'What is a mobile jib crane?')
But I made a valiant attempt to answer all the questions.......

Ah well, I have to pass both exams to qualify......maybe next year.

Exam finished at 4, by 4.10 I was battling my way out of Birmingham rush hour (didn't even stop for the required exam post-mortem with the lads - I just bolted) and I have just stepped out of a ten minute cold shower.......yum!
Now to find something on the telly that is NOT football, and to mulder over what I am going to cook for dinner....



Tara said...

Welcome home hon. Good to have ya back :D

CyberKitten said...

When do you get the results? I have have that bet with myself...... [grin].

All over now though [phew].

silentmum said...

You will have passed. We have the utmost faith in your and your brains and shoulders.....very big and evil grin. Pissing down outside- not impressed

Fizzy said...

We had enchiladas if that is any help.
I am so glad that you surivied this week.

Good For You. Be proud of yourself because you were not finding it easy.

Relax now, it is all out of your hands.
Enjoy the weather / weekend/ wine.

Try and ignore the world cup.
(3 out of 4 ws is not bad)

MaR said...

I love fizzy's comment! hey, I was at an English friend's bday last night...a couple of guys (including mine) watched the match...I could have killed them. Happy weekend, glad you made it through the week. :)

Ladybug Crossing said...

I'm sure you did just fine! Don't panic yet.
Have a nice cold brew and some fish & chips. All will be right with the world.