Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Auditions

A little while ago, whilst at a WendyWings Casting Call, our very own OldOldLady up in those Hollywood Hills asked me about auditions in England.

Then at the last one, I let rip with a few numbers from Annie - honest I did! You didn't hear? Must have had the volume down.......

Cyberkitten asked if anyone in blogland knows I really can sing..... guys - I really can sing!

Anyway, back to the Audition. I had tried out for the local amdram (amateur dramatics) company as my best pal Joe was involved and it seemed like fun. Joe moved away and sadly passed on, but I stayed in the company.

Then, after all the revue shows, they decided to put on a full fledged pantomime. Not wanting to be centre stage, I auditioned for the chorus.

A couple of hours and a few song sheets later, we broke for tea and biccies (well, it IS England!) and I wandered off to the loo.

Finding myself alone in the lavatory, I started running a few scales and arpeggios, and practised a few songs. Chorus I might be, but I was gonna be good - for Joe! Tiled lavatories made the BEST acoustics.

I tripped back to the auditions and warbled my little heart out.

Next day came the casting call.

Director: 'Hi, we have some news'

Me: 'oh?'

D: 'You're going to be principal girl'

M: 'No, I auditioned for the chorus'

D: 'yep, we know but you're going to be principal girl. You're going to be the Princess'.

M: [blubbers incoherently] 'but I didn't audition!'

D: 'We know, but during tea break last night I was walking past the ladies toilet and I heard you singing!'

M: 'but - on stage - solos - and everything.......?'

D: 'Just pretend you're in the toilet!'

And that is the cute story of how I auditioned for the chorus and became the Princess. I got to wear gowns of gold and silver, I sang on stage, I was mobbed by Brownies and I earned myself a little self-respect. Before every show I prayed a little thank you to Joe, and I'm sure he was watching me.

After that show I retired from the public gaze, preferring my anonymity....

Watch this space for today's Person - when blogger photo decides to work!


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YellowRose said...

See you were always royality!! I bet you were the best Princess ever!! I would love to hear you sing!

Great memory my dear Queenie!

Norma said...

What a great story. Sort of like singing in the shower--only different.

My MM is up.

WendyWings said...

So you went from Princess to Queen, seems right to me :)


Hi! I have joined through you, Monday Memories. Will try it out to see how it turns out. Hope it is as fruitful as the others. See you next Monday.

Meira{FB} said...

Amazing what happens during tea time! Wish I could hear your voice! Thanks for sharing your memory!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love this story's a perfect Show Business story you know? Girl trys out for the chorus and gets the lead!!
I would love to hear you sing, my dear...! Maybe at the party?

Ladybug Crossing said...

Wow! You are famous!
That's a great story. I can honestly say that if they heard me singing in the loo, they'd tell me to STOP SINGING!!
I do hope you still sing.

Bobkat said...

I always preferrred to be back stage myself!

keda said...

fabulous!! you bogstar you!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Would love to borrow Walt & Clara...I will have a few others here as well, but I haven't engaged them by name, as yet...(lol) You know I had a ball with WEalt...and that Clara certainly went a long way to make your guests happy...! Do send them if they would like to cross the Pond, temporarily of course! And Thank You for your gracious offer, my dear.

MaR said...

What a great story, cq. Show us some talent here and let us hear you a little bit, wouldn't it be fun?