Monday, November 14, 2005

14 Nov - First day of Winter

Here it is, must be the first day of Winter.

It was back to scraping the car this morning. I might have an old car (N reg) but I love my little car, Emma. And the thing I love the most? Her wonderful heated windscreen! Instant vision on the coldest of mornings, and reduced scraping. I would sell my soul for an electric windscreen these days!

Today is also the first day cold enough to warrant my wearing a coat and scarf when driving (not something I usually do!).

I see Teh Blogfaddah's gift-giving is a roaring success, at least with the women....his anti-blush cream is being put through its paces, what with all the kissing and hugging and stuff :-)

I am so disappointed in myself, despite all my good intentions I only managed 1,000 words this weekend. Naughty Queenie. Life and laundry got in the way - not to mention Michele's 3DM&G! But I have seen a way ahead. And I have buddied up with Rashbre, which is cool :-) And in order to help that 'sitting at blank screen block' I have scrounged a laptop from work so I can write in the lounge or dining room - or even in bed! :-)

Much Beloved is away for a couple of nights now with work, so I intend to crack on with it - please feel free to nag me!

update - it was gratifying to be greeted today by a colleague with the words 'how much weight have you lost??'



Eric Mutta said...

The gift-giving is turning out to be surprising effective! With Aginoth winning the lottery, even the gents are starting to take part :-)

This nano many words do you need in total? and what do you win at the end?

craziequeen said...

Let's hope Aginoth remembers his friends when the millions roll in :-)

50,000 words......[gulp]

and we win nothing - other than a sense of achievement, and a certificate from nanowrimo.

It's all in the challenge, my dear...


Aginoth said...

See how ieasy I was to get a present for...just a small piece of paper is all I asked for ;o)

craziequeen said...

Always said you were easy [rotflmao]


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