Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lottery Dreams

Mar's blog asks the question

would you like to win the lottery?
do you actually buy tickets?

Since the lottery began and I started purchasing my one line a week, I have always had a plan if I win (unlikely, I know - but us depressed folks need to learn to think positively).

I'll buy a big house in the country.
Fill it full of cats and dogs and the fields full of cows, sheep, pigs and horses.
Have huge landscaped gardens.


make it all accessible to wheelchairs, crutches and the blind.
pay for children to be bussed out from inner city schools.
give them (and their guardians) a week's holiday.
The gardens would have to include a blind garden (ie one with touch sensory information).
There would be horse-riding and feeding the animals.
and it would all be free.....

So - what would you all do with your lottery winnings - should you be so lucky...?



Eric Mutta said...

Taking over the world is already on my to do list, so I guess I have to pick something else.

Hmmm, I've always wanted to start a business of my own, so I'd invest the dosh in buying a small office, hiring 10 crazy people, then taking the computing world by storm* :-)

*we'll be making software that swears back, should one forget their manners in a fit of rage against the machine :D

craziequeen said...

:-) you can install the computers in my Holiday Farm.....

nice to see you again, eric...


Eric Mutta said...

Y'know, the farm is an interesting idea. Reminded me of your story Tall Trees :-)

Now, a computerised holiday farm? Count me in. I must warn you though - I'm a very expensive man and it I'll cost youuuuu, I dunno...a diamond ring? :D

JoeC said...

Can't relate to random generated numbers, but i can do the sports lottery is more exciting.... wacthing ya money moving around the field. triller! cheers!

craziequeen said...

you can't have your ring back, eric :-)

joec - everything in life is a lottery - just depends how you look at it :-)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh many things! First I'd pay of the rest of my house mortgage. And, seeing as how I just won $300,000,000. I would earmark 5 million each to certain chairty's that I care about, like: LOVE HEALS, an organization started by the friends of Alison Gertz, (who died of an AIDS related illnesses at 26years old), for the education of young people where preventing AIDS is concerned; APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles)-to contiue all the good work they do in their Dental Clinic and their Food Bank; AIDS RESEARCH Alliance, to continue the development of new drugs to help people live longer, while still looking for a 'cure',( and there are a few more in this area, too); I would donate at least 10 million to the survivors of Katrina, for new homes, etc; There are many other charity's I would help in many different areas; Homeless people; Poor people; I would establish a Foundation specifically for the Educational needs of Inner City kids who might not get an education otherwise, and on and on...I would love to make my own life as easy as possible given my own health issues, but that would not require but maybe 10 mil...(I'm talking REALLY REALLY make my life easier in practical and comfortable ways)...Other than helping as many people as I could, I cannot think of anything else, at the moment...
Well, you asked....! (lol)

craziequeen said...

[looks impressed and humbled at utter selflessness]

You embarrass us, OOL :-)

Mind you, if mine was 300mil, I'd probably give a few bob to charity - animal charities most likely. RSPCA, SSPCA, ASPCA, and the Humane Society.


Oreo said...

Mom doesn't play the lottery, so when you win & get rich, can a poor puddin from the woods come live in that big house? I'd get along with Pandora & Charlie...really I would!! :)

craziequeen said...

More than welcome, Oreo. Your mom can come too :-)

and Max.....and Buddha Pest.....and Mia......and Ghost - and even Roscoe and Opus if we can tear them away from Italy! :-)


Anonymous said...

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