Thursday, November 24, 2005


You know [settles into chair, tissues to hand] I have never really considered Thanksgiving. Being terribly British and all that.


Sorry [sheepish grin, pulls out tissue]

On the other hand, I am a Quaker, and we often give thanks for the little things in life we are lucky to have (sort of an everyday thanksgiving).

So, on this Thanksgiving - the first I have ever shared with Americans (thanks to the blogosphere) - these are are my thanks.....

I am thankful for my health - t'ain't perfect, but I can walk, talk and dress myself!

I am thankful for MB (Much Beloved) - he rescued me from a terrible domestic situation and has been my rock and support ever since; 20yrs this year.

I am thankful for my crazies - these barmy people (including sleepypete, rca, cyberkitten, silentmum, boo, evilboss and all the Aginoths!) are my best friends, my confidantes and my strength.

I am thankful for my job - well, it's a job.

I am thankful for the people I work with - mostly good people who encourage me.

I am thankful for my home - somewhere peaceful to go when the world goes mad.

I am thankful for my cats - including our late and much lamented Ambrose and Little Echo, my felines are my comfort.

I am thankful for all my blogbuddies - people who I have never met, yet with whom I have forged friendships across the seas and miles.

Update - I'm also thankful that Michele sent me to say hello to Courtney, with one of the funniest songs I've ever heard :-) Go have a listen and a giggle to Alice's Restaurant.

2nd update - I have been reminded I am thankful that I am young at heart, and the girls in the office didn't believe I am 41! :-)

For a miserable old woman, I actually have a lot to be thankful for :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Sleepypete said...

I'm thankful for having people around to talk to.

I'm also thankful for continued good health, despite all the punishment I tend to put my body through.

And I'm thankful for having a good batch of friends who stick by me through the rough times as well as the good.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

It's always good to sit back and reflect on what we're thankful for.

Here via Michele's :)

Indigo said...

What a wondeful first read of the day! Michele sent me, and I too am thankful for my cat, but not the one who chewed through my power cord for my laptop last night...

Shannin said...

Here via Michele's M&G. Love your list of things to be thankful for.

Courtney said...

CQ, Arlo Guthrie is the son of legendary folk singer, Woody Guthrie. Arlo has many albums out, including "Alice's Restaurant Masacree", where that song came from.
The song I posted was recorded in the late 60s, although he "updated" the tune in the early 90s, but (to me anyway), it's unlistenable. Nothing's better than the original.

Thanks for coming by.

Tara said...

Happt Thanksgiving. I'll have to check out that song. Michele sent me!

panthergirl said...

You're a Quaker? I love Quakers... I tried to enroll my son in a Friends School last year, but they couldn't accommodate his special needs (ADHD). We were so disappointed because I just loved the whole philosophy.

Anyway, here by way of Michele! (and 41 is not OLD!)

craziequeen said...

Wow - never had anyone say they 'love' Quakers...

I've had being a Quaker called 'cool'..

It's the pick and mix philosophy - it illustrates they know we are all individuals.
Sorry about your son, at least they didn't take him under false pretences.
But please, continue to love the Quaker philosophy :-)


JustSue said...

I am thankful that you dropped by (courtesy of Michele), and in doing do, gave me the opportunity to return the favour!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love your Thank You list CQ! And unfortunarely, I couldn't access the song...Windows Media wouldn't play, maybe I'll try later...after Trurkey Time and all that...
I'm so glad Michele has introduced me to you CQ...I'm "Thankful" for that and all the other blogpeople I have met...(That would be a GREAT name for a movie..THE BLOGPEOPLE!!!! I'd go see that!!! (lol)...have a terrific rest-of-the-day, there in the beautiful UK!

craziequeen said...

Oldoldlady - the feeling is mutual, my dear....

I must pop over to Michele's to give thanks properly :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)


mar said...

I liked your list until I got to the miserable old....What?? I would cross that out immediately! :D Have a nice evening. You are so productive posting more than once daily! It puts pressure on me *sigh* But I know I cannot keep up with your talent!!!!

Eric Mutta said...

CQ, you are a lot of things, but a liar aint one of them. We all know you meant 21, not 41 ;-)

craziequeen said...

oh mar and eric - you embarrass me...

[smiles embarrassedly]


Jean-Luc Picard said...

As a fellow Brit, as am also thankful for all the fine people I have met in the blogworld.

Happy Thanksgiving!

YellowRose said...

I give thanks for meeting new people like you in the blogshere! Isn't it wonderful!

And I just turned 41, and I must insist that 41 is NOT old!! ;)

Here via Michele's!

craziequeen said...


shh - YellowRose - we're 21 - remember........*21* :-)

[smiles innocently at eric]


mar said...

Hi charming cq! Michele sent me to see how you are doing.Yes, we are all VERY young ;D (my soul is!)

Mama M said...

What a nice list. Happy Thanksgiving! You should celebrate it every year with us in the great blogosphere :)

Thanks for visiting earlier!

Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello....

I hope you are having a glorious Thanksgiving.

Aginoth said...

Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

Invite round all the neighbours
Kill them
Steal there Land


MSM ;o)

craziequeen said...




Aginoth said...

Evil Grin :oD