Thursday, November 24, 2005

Five Minutes

  1. Five Minutes ago I was going to post about the beautiful blue sky and bright sunlight.
  2. Five Minutes ago I was having a lovely cuddle with Charlie who was golden in the sunshine.
  3. Five Minutes ago I felt silly for worrying about MB driving home today.
  4. Five Minutes ago I couldn't breathe.

  1. Blue Sky and Sunlight now gone.
  2. Charlie now off doing 'Charlie things'
  3. Worried again now with the encroaching grey/green clouds.
  4. Sinuses have now turned to fluid and I am relieved I am not at work as this is supposed to be the most contagious period of a cold - liquid sneezes! :-(

What a difference five minutes makes.......



layman said...

happy thanksgiving

mar said...

Get well soon. Where is Pandora?

craziequeen said...

Hi Mar, Pandy is spending her day sleeping, sleeping and sleeping :-)


Zephra said...

Hello from Michele's.

You are right. 5 minutes does change everything.