Sunday, November 06, 2005

Update Time

Hi Everyone [waves]

Here I am, another year older, and year wiser [not!]

I had a lovely birthday, thank you all for your good wishes, you have *no* idea how much they mean :-)

My evening with HWMBO was lovely, a nice dinner and Wallace and Gromit - fantastic! Take your kids - better yet, leave them behind and treat yourselves!! :-)

I was busy Saturday, as I wanted to clear the decks in order to go to my party with a clear conscience. So I did my walk-shop (handed my rucksack to HWMBO who nearly dropped it saying 'bloody hell, that's heavy!!' I said yes, otherwise where was the point!?) and then did dinner at lunchtime (had to line my stomach!), plus two loads of laundry, hoovered etc etc etc......and even found time for a quick blog!

Then it was over to cyberkitten's gaff for the party, stopping off on the way for evilboss and alcohol (oh, and the later forgotten choccie cake!). We were joined by Aginoth, Mrs Aginoth, the Aginothlings, bionicdwarf and sleepyp.

When cyberkitten said fireworks, he wasn't kidding! I think him and bionicdwarf bought up most of the North Bristol stocks! I lost count, spending most of the time hiding behind kitty or Agi. Poor Aginothlings were not ready for rockets and Mrs A sadly missed all the fun with two little trembling bods, while Jnr watched through a closed window. Then pizza :-)
The children tucked up in cyberkitten's bed, the adults had 'grownup talk' time - well, with four bloggers most of it *was* blogbased - sad, I know!
The party slowly and contentedly split up about 1030 and cyberkitten, sleepyp and I stayed talking until about 0030, when we threw out sleepyp (to his house next door!) and I blew up my airbed and shook out my sleeping bag.

As an aside; I love my sleeping bag. In this modern world of mummy bags (which, being claustrophobic, I hate!) I found the funkiest sleeping bag by Coleman. Not only does it have a side zip, but also a separate zip across the bottom, so you can have the side done up and the bottom open! And it's - rectangular! - instead of mummyshaped.

So I snoozed down on cyberkitten's sitting room floor, woken only by the sound of very large bangs outside (thought initially shotgun, then remembered where I was!) during the night.

A very pleasant couple of days to celebrate my birthday! Now, where did I put my Nano....?


ps I thought evilboss managed really well for her first time thrown to the crazie wolfpack :-)


CyberKitten said...

Definitely need more & BIGGER fireworks for next year. Me & Mr Bionic always like to go one (or two) better each time.

Though the rockets were quite impressive I did enjoy the mortar thingy best of all. I think the 5 years in my spare room/office matured it nicely.

BIG Badda Boom.....! Shame that they're no longer sold to the public.... We could've done with a few more of them... maybe two (or more) set off simultaneously... (muses for next year).....

craziequeen said...

yes dear......



Anonymous said...

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