Saturday, November 19, 2005

Party Day

Tis a cold and frosty morning out there [brr].

Charlie kept me awake for some of last night and he is going full steam at the moment. Pandora is hiding in the study with me.

Woke up with a bit of a cough this morning - very annoying - and a headache. Hope I'm not sick, I am really looking forward to Mrs Aginoth's birthday party tonight. Dear friends, friends' family and delicious food. Mind you. as I understand it the A's have been through the lurgy recently, so it's a bit like taking coals to Newcastle. Will I get my huggy hug from Aginoth?
Of course, the bonus is if I'm coughing and not well, I get to do the shopping by car this week!

And the good news - having the laptop worked (well almost)! Last night I managed 1,000 words while cooking the dinner. The war is over, life has settled down again, but they don't know what's around the corner!! Being a very old laptop, it struggled with formatting and stuff - and I never put my fingers on the right keys! But it worked - kudos to John in the office.

Let's be sociable this weekend! Visit Jean-Luc's blog for a fantastic Christmas Party idea, he has such cracking audience participation posts on the weekends! And don't forget to pop over to mar's to see her All Time Meme, and Blogfather is still pounding away at blog reviews. rashbre is coming along brilliantly with his nano novel, and of course, as ever, if you're at a loose end, nip over to Michele's place for some social interaction and games. I can heartily recommend the 3 Day Meet and Greet!

Busy world out there in blogland.



mar said...

Get well to party tonight! and to work on your writing beforewards. Now I am off to be sociable in the blogosphere :D. Oh, here via Michele's this time. I have been trying to remember how I found her site but I have such a fragile memory and little storage capacity...

craziequeen said...

hi mar - I don't remember how I found her either.....weird isn't it?
Perhaps we should put that to her as one of her questions 'how did you find me?'


Jean-Luc Picard said...

thanks for the mention, CQ. I have two party entries already!

craziequeen said...

Hi jl - thinking about mine - will let you know. But the Delicious Data has to be in there somewhere :-)


Aginoth said...

I found Michelle about the same time as CQ, don't recall how though

Cya Later CQ :o)

MSM :o)

Anonymous said...

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