Monday, November 07, 2005

Straight from Teh Blogfather

Y'all better bow down on both knees 'cause Krazie "Tha Royale" Queen is in da hoooouse!
So there we were on the highest peaks of some tall mountain with high peaks, when Krazie asks me: "did you see that guy take a tumble?".
Smiling warmly, I turned to her and said: "don't worry yer highness, Frankie boy tha instructah tells me your insurance covers broken legs, broken backs, broken necks, and get this, even broken nails!". Took the fear of skiing right out of her blessed soul.
Now she can be found in her palace journaling her life, her universe and other back-breaking things saved for the royals.
Pay your respects and show her some looooove!


And I do know he spells it with a K - but he can, 'cos he's Teh Blogfaddah.......and now my blogfriend [smiles at Eric]

Sudden thought - I am now Blogfather Approved [rushes to get icon HTML]



Eric Mutta said...

[Chuckle]. Thanks CQ, I've added you to the list and to teh family. A very welcome addition indeed :-)

craziequeen said...

Oh - I belong!! :-)


Anonymous said...

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