Friday, November 18, 2005

How Cool is this...

Garage has a sign

'Free internet access while you wait. Ask at reception for details'.

So I asked......

and here I am, happily blogging while they scurry around replacing my chipped windscreen!

Update - internet access is via a computer workstation with desk and everything! Laptop is still in its bag :-)



Carson said...

That's almost worth getting your car fixed for!

Happy blogging, and Michele sent me. Going to poke around for a bit.

craziequeen said...

Hi carson - you're more than welcome - this palace is a nice little place... :-)
Everyone is welcome

ooh - they just took out my old windscreen! :-O


TheCryer said...

That is the coolest. However I doubt they'd appreciate me showing up with my big DESKTOP clunker and setting up shop in their waiting room!! Lucky you with the laptop!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to visit with you, Crazie Queen.

I've never had Internet access at a mechanic's garage. Things must be a lot more advanced on that side of the Atlantic. LOL Or outside my small town, at least. Things are pretty quiet in this part of North Carolina.

Are you the mysterious "M" that I saw references to on Aginoth's site? I have been most curious!

Dak-Ind said...

that is so cool, a garage with "wi fi". i live in a small enough town that the only place with internet here besides my home is the library, and you dont get to bring your own computer... and they make you sign in and out on a time sheet... 15 minutes or something per person. we should have a little sign about "welcome to the backwoods... dont expect modern convieneces" Hello, michele sent me.

craziequeen said...

cryer - no laptop. They have a computer all set up for customers - 'tis cool :-)

utenzi, hiya mate! Unfortunately I am not M - wish I was, M is awful cool :-)


Cynthia Rae said...

Ciao Crazy Queen!
I found your blog from a comment you left on Opus and Roscoe's blog (Cat Naps in Italy). They are my little fur balls.

Nice way to pass the time while waiting for repairs.
Ciao for now!
PS. My Life, my Universe and my everything (Hitchikers Guide)?

Juggling Mother said...

Wow, wi-fi at your garage. Ours is still the cold, dank, testosterone slab of concrete you got 30 years ago - but cheap 7 good work. Plus i can walk home for internet access:-)

craziequeen said...

hi Cynthia Rae, hope all is ok with O and R - that mysterious message on their blog is worrying - especially as they tried to help out Charlie....

Mrs A - that was my windscreen garage. My automotive garage is also a short walk home for internet access :-)


mar said...

Worked on your meme wireless yesterday, from Mr. Mar's laptop. It is posted today :D. It gave me a lot to think about. Thanks! and enjoy your day, dinner at A's and everything.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well that sounds like a very convenient deal, doesn't it?
How great is that?
No one sent me, but me! (lol)

Juggling Mother said...

Hi again. Michele sent me:-)

S is here with cousin & it's chaos!

See you later, bring plenty of energy!

craziequeen said...

[dons kevlar vest]

ok! :-) be there about 5! :-)

We can all huddle around Mr A's laptop and blog - as there will be at least 4 bloggers there...


Le laquet said...

How cool is that! Did they have dancing tyre changing men too?

Here via Michele's .. I hope the lurgy doesn't last too long

craziequeen said...

hi again le laquet! :-)

nah, those dancing wheelmen are kwikfit - and I don't use kwikfit.

I went last year for a replacement exhaust on some dodgy work, and they tried to blame me!

'well,' the chap said huffing and puffing with testosterone in front of the 'little lady'. 'Little journeys like driving to and from the shops puts the exhaust under great pressure.'

Never went there again.....


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