Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Bit of an early morning blog here. [sips coffee]

I'm killing time until Charlie needs to go to the V E T. It's a big day in the Crazie household. It's neutering day, de-nutting time!

And as far as poor old embattled Pandy is concerned, it hasn't come a day too soon. For me either, as the last month or so has been a continous splitting up of the warring factions.

Thing is - Charlie has worked out what that thing between his legs is for, and like all teenage boys he's practising. Nearest target is the old bagcat :-( Needless to say at 16 (about 80!) Pandy isn't interested in - er - that...

OK, we are now reasonably quiet. They are both in here with me, Pandy on the windowsill looking very put-out and Charlie trying to get to her.



Mary P. said...

Removing his equipment doesn't stop the urge. We have a neutered male cat. When, five or so years later we added a female kitten, she managed to go into heat a couple of months before we expected (she was a stray, so who knew how old she really was?)

Well, nuts or not, Mr Elegant was all set to try to do his manly duty by this needy,yowling female. Up he gets, but after one or two fruitless attempts, she refused to allow this pathetic excuse for a male any more messing about.

Poor Mr. Elegant. What a humiliation! Teeny female was spayed a couple of weeks later.

craziequeen said...

Ah, the power of Oestrogen!

I've heard of this happening, but only with intact queens. Once they are neutered, they don't come on heat and the male isn't tempted - nuts or no nuts.

Pandy was neutered about 15years ago :-)


Simon Peter said...

I had a male cat back in England that was neutered (eyes water just thinking about it) and he got quite confused after that.

I also had a spayed female in my collection of cats (averaged about 7 cats at any given point) and periodically, he'd bite the back of her neck and stand over her with a look of "I know that there's something else I'm supposed to do, but I'm not exactly sure what it is". Always made me laugh. Thankfully, the female put up with it in good humour.

Anonymous said...

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