Friday, November 25, 2005


Look - snow!

And look quick, because it is already disappearing in the snowmen here today!

I know, I know - it's not much.........but this is England - we don't like to overdo things :-)



Sleepypete said...

When I was at uni, it snowed rather well in my first year.

We built a snowman ... 5 foot tall

What really amused us about our snowman was that he was still being used as a landmark for people meeting up 3 weeks after the snow melted. We built our snowman well.

YellowRose said...

Ahh snow.....I'd love to have snow!! I'm hoping that we get snow...but we'll see...I hear it can snow here...I'll be wishing!

Dave said...

No snow here, but it sounds really bad doen in Cornwall. By the way I've tagged you, hope you give it a go.

Dave said...


craziequeen said...

sleepypete - we can only dream of these things now, it appears.... :-)

yellowrose - lovely to see you again, my dear! Make yourself at home [clears chair]. Snow? In Georgia? Might be worth Googling to see if it has ever happened :-)

dave - seen it, cheers mate [wanders off to find meme]


Carmi said...

The pretty snow never seems to last. The hideous snow - the stuff that gets in our boots and chills us to our very bones - seems to hang around for a while.

No fair.

Back from Michele's this aft.