Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Picked up from ribbitcus....

You have joined BlogMad.net successfully!
BlogMad is allowing early signups for keen users to get ahead on the system before its official launch.
You are now able to invite other members, gaining an infinite number of credits!Once launched, you will be able to spend these free credits on getting huge traffic to your blog instantly!

Once you have logged on you will be able to email users through the system, but you can also give people your referral url directly:


You will get 30 free credits for every signup, which will translate into traffic for your blog come launch day!




doris said...

At least it is a few credits for you! I signed up. And that is unheard of for me to sign up for something that doesn't even exist yet LOL

craziequeen said...

Hi Doris - thank you!

wow... :-)


Juggling Mother said...

Do what?

if I sign up will I get millions of dodgy emails?

craziequeen said...

I checked out the site. There's blogging newsletters and a gaming section and a BlogMad blog!..no deluge of unwanted emails yet....

sort of a social club for bloggers! :-)

btw - Mrs A.....C&P are getting quite a bit of traffic - lots of felines and a couple of blogging bunnies :-)


Juggling Mother said...

Blogging Bunnies! What is the world coming to? *shakes head mournfully*

craziequeen said...

There's also blogging rats.....

Probably a tortoise and a couple of goldfish blogging away happily somewhere too :-)


al said...

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