Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Much Poorliness

OK, so I now know I have a cold..(hoping it's not birdflu!)

And it's a stinker....face all blocked up, coughing and sneezing, aching limbs, popping temperature....and sleeping a lot.

Not in work today. Woke up in a pool of sweat coughing and thought 'no, no work for me today'.
I phoned my office and my wonderful Right Hand Man John (he of the laptop idea!) agreed I sounded awful and was terribly sympathetic.........I have nice staff.......

It's 1220 and I have just woken up from a paracetamol induced sleep, don't feel any better :-(

The other problem is that I'm not supposed to take prozac while taking various cold remedies, so the prozac is still sitting on the shelf. Luckily the effects last a few days after stopping, but I'm already starting to feel decidedly down, down, down.......but that could also be the cold.

One plus - I have a cold with a cough, so I can break out the Benylin - which is delicious. It's not only a cough remedy but a comfort - I have been taking Benylin since I was a little girl, it was the cough remedy of choice in our family.

gotta go, sweating and my eyes are aching.....



Sleepypete said...

I wonder if you can order Hot Toddy's via Amazon ?

Get Well Soon Cq :-)

Aginoth said...

Get well soon :o)

flu said...

rest, relax...

Rest!!! Relax!!!

C'MON, Hurry up and REST AND RELAX!!!!


I hope you get well soon.

craziequeen said...

yes fluke

yes fluke!!


Thank you honey, your wishes are much appreciated (as are my Boys, but they know that!)