Friday, November 18, 2005

All time meme

Time for me to create some memes :-)

All time favourite song?
Dancing Queen by Abba – when I was 15 I won a disco competition at summer school. I loved summer school, it was the only place I wasn’t bullied.

All time favourite book?
Wild Swans by Jung Chang. OMG! A powerful biography of three generations of women in a Chinese family through the times of war-lords, the Kuomingtang, the Communists and freedom!

All time favourite film?
Roomates – never put on general release. The story of two men, one straight and one gay, who share a flat in an Aids hospice. Eric Stoltz and Randy Quaid are mesmerising.
Pirates of the Caribbean - General release favourite. Fun, colourful, noisy, funny and thoroughly entertaining. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are hilarious.

All time favourite film star?
Johnny Depp – from 21 Jump Street to From Hell, from Astronaut’s Wife to Sleepy Hollow, from Benny and Joon to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, from Ed Wood to Pirates. This man has done it all with consummate skill.

All time worst moment?
When I heard my best friend/soul mate had killed himself.
When it was confirmed that I can’t have children.
Holding a child as he died in my arms. Road accident, boy vs lorry – lorry won :-(

All time best moment?
Three again:
My annual Crazie Christmas party. All my crazies descend on my house, there’s a tree, decorations, food, booze, pressies, kids and lots of noise…..
The first time my beloved god-daughter smiled and reached out for me.
Winning the works annual story competition last year (story ‘Outsiders’ is on my storystore)

All time most used saying?
There’s no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer.

All time favourite quote?
'In order to end the suffering of the people, to bring an end to their pain and agony; there is no option but resistance.'Ahmed Shah Massoud, the Lion of Panjshir, leader of the Northern Alliance before his assassination by the Taliban.

Favourite wardrobe item?
My posh blue dress. Mid-length, midnight blue, velvet – gorgeous.

I tag Teh Blogfather, Aginoth, mar and Simon for this one :-)



Aginoth said...

Oooooooo get you, making up your own Memes...

Ok Ok , I'll take the tag...but it'll have to wait a couple of days I have my blogs planned up to monday already !

MSM :o)

craziequeen said...

I have another one for the US rush tonight :-)


Sandy said...

Here from Michele. An all-time Meme really makes one stop and think hard. A read that gives a real peak into one's world.

mar said...

Hi, visiting from Michele's to find out you are a creative person and that I have been tagged :D.
Sorry about your worst moments, they are really bad. May I leave that out??? Oh,my, I have to think!
Have a nice day

Juggling Mother said...

I have such a fickle personality & to be honest a rubbish memory that I don't really have "all time" anythings. Glad you didn't tag me, I'm going to pass on this one I think:-)

Michelle sent me this time. I think it was a bit unfair. I commented on your last post, popped into Michelles, got sent back to you, & in those 30 seconds you'd banged up a new post. With three comments!

slow down girl. I've got a house to tidy today you know!

Karen said...

Hi Craziequeen! What a great post. Sad and wonderful. Good work.

Michele sent me...

craziequeen said...

Sandy - that's why I designed this - something to make me really think about my life.

mar - putting the worst moments before the best moments makes the best moments so much more wonderful! :-)

Mrs A - what can I say? I'm a blogmaniac and a blogpimp :-) I even have another meme for tonight :-)

Karen - thanks :-)

Jamie said...

Fun thing about Wild Swans... I bought, intended to read it, then my mom got to it first and kept on lending it to other people. I never got to read that book. I still tell the story whenever she mentions the book.

Fun meme, maybe I'll do it, too.
Came to you from Michele.

craziequeen said...

Jamie - get it back and read it! Fabulous book :-) Eagerly awaiting 'Mao' now.


mar said...

I'd like to see that blue velvet dress

craziequeen said...

maybe Aginoth will take a picture [wink]


kenju said...

Hi, CQ, Michele sent me. You have a ncie list here. I think I will look around for "Wild Swans". It sounds like something I'd like.

Simon Peter said...

I'll work on it, as I'm able to find time, over the weekend. Thanks for tagging me.

Eric Mutta said...

Tag responded to :-)

Anonymous said...

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