Friday, November 11, 2005

Burning Buns

What burns your buns?

My current bugbear is motorcyclists who zoom up between stationary cars in traffic jams. Not something you can really blame them for, but it's the poor old car driver who seems to suffer.

Yesterday the biker zipping up between the lanes had to stop because a car was (oh horror of horrors!) legitimately changing lanes (indicators and everything!). The chap on the bike actually had to stop and give the poor woman a mouthful. Bleedin' nerve!

And today, I had a pedalcyclist doing the same thing in stationary traffic, only problem was there was a motocyclist behind him. So what did the motorcyclist do? Cut me up veering round the hapless cyclist.

And don't get me started on bikes who sneak up on the inside, then roar off, scaring you to death. Or the ones who traffic jump and steal your braking space. Or the ones who weave through traffic and then leave about an inch between your car and them at red lights, so you are forced to pause when the lights turn green, so they can let you eat their dust!

rant over :-)

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Juggling Mother said...

but in their defence, pity the motorcyclist who is carefully driving between slow moving traffic (allowable under the highway code), & gets hit in the face by the careless car driver who suddenly changes lane without warning/opens their door into the MC's path, throws a lighed cigarette into hapless MC riders face, or gets pushed of the road by large vehicals not checking their mirrors.

Just remember, every MC that goes past you is one less car blocking the road.

craziequeen said...

Ah, but I was being most specific about those that annoy me.
After all, I used to be a biker myself...!

The reasonable/sensible biker has no worries where I am concerned.

There are just as much selfish car drivers (abd cyclists) around - and needless to say I will rant at them one day.

Today it's the thoughtless/selfish motorcyclists who have raised my ire.....


flu said...

I was in a two or three-mile long line of cars headed into a sporting venue the other day with a couple of buddies when a motorcycle passed us on the shoulder. Almost as quick as we griped about how a car would get a ticket for doing such a thing, a trooper pulled him over and ticketed him and prolly made him really late! HA! Poetic justice...

craziequeen said...

Hi fluke!

Righteous, dude..... :-)

Hope Sprok is behaving himself! :-)


Plumkrazzee said...

Ah, the joys of driving. I, too, am highly annoyed by those who "squeeze" themselves into spaces they aren't suppose to squeeze into! Michele sent me..

Carmi said...

It bugs me that cyclists - motorized and pedal-powered - who engage in that kind of idiocy make the rest of us law-abiding wheelers look bad. It's a death wish, in my view, and I wish the police would ticket them more often.

Popped in from Michele's. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

craziequeen said...

Just my point carmi - there are sensible bikers and sensible cyclists out there - there are *even* sensible car drivers....

But it's the minority that spoil it for the majority..


jqtnyaez - join queenie to net yellow ants, even zealously.

dena said...

There's a brand of motorcylcists in our city that consider a game to weave in and out of expressway traffic. Traffic which possesses a median speed of 65 mpph. This particular type of biker travels between 80 mph and higher going in and out, in and out. They all drive the crotch-rocket style of bike, and it appears they are on a deathwish for either themselves, or possibly to bring on heart failure to those they are weaving between.

visiting from michele's today.

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