Saturday, November 19, 2005


As usual, I am greeted with smiles and cuddles at Casa Aginoth. Welcoming grins from Mr and Mrs A, leaping cuddles from LMB and A Jnr, and the usual instant screaming hysterics from LMD.

In her little ten month old brain my appearance indicates mummy is about to leave. So requiring much comfort from said mummy and repeated cries of 'I'm not leaving!'.

Wonder how long I am to be the harbinger of abandonment? LMB was reasonably accepting from an early age, and A Jnr has always been my little man.

And isn't it nice that Aginoth lets me use his laptop (with internet connection!) whenever I come over?

Whenever I am here I am reminded of the wonderful phrase I believe in (and is enscribed on one of my fridge magnets!) 'Friends are the Family one chooses for oneself' - I have a lovely family.
LMD and LMB are having a bath with Cousin G, watched over by Mrs A. A Jnr, rca, sleepypete and Aginoth are playing some sort of racing game on the computer, and Sister S is getting organised - and I'm sitting here by a roaring fire quietly and contentedly blogging away :-)



mw said...

I like the image of you blogging happily near a roaring fire - it's grey and cold here today and I wish I had a fire too.


Michele pushed me out of the nest and I fluttered here...

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Friends are the Family one choses for oneself...How True!
Here via Michele's

RCA said...

It was Super Mario Kart and i won the battles twice - Aginoth was most put out (snigger)

Now enough of this blogging - a glass of wine and a nice meal beckons :-)

Sleepypete said...

Ahhh ... But what happened with all the races ????? ! Shows where your driving skill really is :-) [massively evil grin]