Sunday, November 27, 2005

Service with a Smile, and a roar of laughter..

Yesterday I had to go back to the windscreen garage with the internet access. Remember I blogged about it last week? (keep up there at the back!)

My new windscreen was lovely, except half the screen heater didn't work. Well, it worked fine before the screen was changed so I deduced it was either a faulty screen or faulty workmanship.

I was happily blogging away at their free internet while the mechanic unscrewed various bits of my bonnet and before long the manager poked his head around the door.
'We'd like you to see this, ma'am,' he said. I obediently got up and followed him with dread at the possible financial ramifications of "We'd like you to see this, ma'am"!!

On arriving beside my car the mechanic handed me a small bundle of two wires.

'These are the wires for your heater,' he said with barely concealed joy.

'How lovely,' I replied, duly admiring the mucky wires, holding them gingerly in my clean hands. 'And where, exactly, should they be?'

'In there' he replied with a big grin pointed in under the wing ledge.

'And, may I ask, why aren't they?' I inquired.

'Because the old ones are still attached,' he replied with a roar of laughter.

I managed a look that was a mixture of disapproval and humour. After all, the lad was having fun!

'And the old ones are attached to - what?' I asked, indicating the new windscreen.

'Nothing,' the young mechanic chortled.

'So, an easy fix then?' I logically surmised.

'Yep,' he beamed.


'So - in order to fix this you will need these back?' I asked, still holding the wires.

'oh yes, thank you'

Ah, service - you gotta love it :-)

I got my screen heater fixed........And the boys have ammunition against my original mechanic who has a reputation of 'never making mistakes'.



mar said...

Now you are ready for the winter days! have a lovely sunday!

Juggling Mother said...

Ha ha.

You're heart must have jumped when they said those fatal words - it nearly always means you've done something wrong that they will gleefully charge you for!


craziequeen said...

oh, did it ever.......I am used to being handed a small problem with a large bill.....

Luckily, MB is an excellent mechanic in times of vehicular strife....

Mar - thanks, lovey - you too :-)


kenju said...

Lucky for you it was easy. Nothing with my car has been easy lately; $300 her and $300 there. UGH.

I answered your comment about the "malicious script" on Michele's site. It is coming up all too often! Michele sent me.

Uisce said...

we've had one of those service months from hell... well pump replaced, clothes washer needed to be fixed. oh, and the dog, but that's not a house call. my brother in law is an electrician and he helped us with some things yesterday, and for free, thank god!

thanks for the visit and for the link... back atcha!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

An excellent mechanic! With internet access as well!

Michele sent me here.

The Sub Committee said...


I am here from Michele's... and the answer is yes: I have posted three to four times on Michele's site and then the post gets rejected.

Courtney said...

Mechanics have it made, because unless you know volumes about the inner workings of your vehicle, they could be making things up and you'd never know.

Here via Michele today.

Poppy Buxom said...

Wow, your mechanic has internet access??? And here I was feeling pretty smug about the doughnuts and coffee.

And ... Hi, Michelle sent me!


Karen said...

You know, I hate when mechanics are snarky like that! But at least they have WiFi or internet access. What a "hip" garage you have. Lucky you.

Michele sent me...

craziequeen said...

Don't worry, girls - I outnarked them easily :-)
And they were very nice lads :-)

unlike kwikfit, whose doorstep I will never darken again.....


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your Christmas entry yesterday!
I too, love the sights and sounds and smells of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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