Friday, November 18, 2005

Here and now meme

Current reading?
Black Wind, Clive Cussler – love Cussler books, adventure and escapism. Something for everyone.
The Novice, Trudi Canavan – book two of a fantastic trilogy about a magicians guild.

Next book to read?
Cyclops, Clive Cussler
High Lord, Trudi Canavan

Last film seen?
Constant Gardener yesterday – yawn, nuff said. I saw the beginning and woke up in time for the incredibly depressing ending......

Next film to see?
I have a list: In Her Shoes, Doom, Narnia, Brokeback Mountain, The Libertine, Mrs Henderson Presents, Flightplan (do you get the feeling I like going to the movies?)

Yesterday’s dinner?
Spudulike, spud with cheese and coleslaw (yummy!) cos time was short before the movie.

Today’s dinner?
Something simple with chips (busy night tonight, new windscreen, Charlie to the vet etc etc)

Tomorrow’s dinner?
Is a mystery – as I will be dining in fine style with the Aginoth's for Mrs A's birthday!

Most recent purchase?

Cyclops – Clive Cussler

What is in your diary for the next few days?
Windscreen fitting tonight.
Vet tonight.
Chores tomorrow.
Mrs A’s party tomorrow.
Nano on Sunday.

MOT on Monday :-(

isn't my life just so exciting??



Juggling Mother said...

Wow, you know what you are going to be doing on Monday? But it's only friday?

Isn't my life so disorganised:-)

craziequeen said...

well, the MOT is booked :-)


Le laquet said...

I love this meme ... I fear a crime (ie I know I'm going to steal it) coming along!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »