Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More Firsts

First skiing......

Then blogging.......

Then novel writing.......

and now badminton!

My life is full of 'firsts' atm. Although, technically, my novel is my second and I have played badminton before (long, long ago!)

The plan is to shuffle off to a local sports centre after work on Wednesdays for a session of badminton with
Aginoth and a couple of non-bloggers. Aginoth wants to get some exercise, me and S are going skiing and P was just interested :-)

On the plus side, the arrangement for weekly badminton has necessitated me having a new bat - and this was my wonderful birthday pressie from the Aginoths (a few days early!)

my lovely new badminton bat!



Juggling Mother said...

glad you like it:-) happy birthday for Friday.

You'll have to wait till Sat for the pressie from the little Aginothlings.

Mary P. said...

Happy Birthday! (a day or three early)

"Aginothlings"... LOL

Why is there a "yoohoo" beside my link in your sidebar?

craziequeen said...

Mrs A - goody! More pressies :-) And I am not as good a badminton player as my new bat is [wink] but I can learn....

Mary P - Thank you - tomorrow is the big day; expect a depressed blog tomorrow!
'Yoohoo!' tells me it has been updated - but as Mrs A has pointed out, it's crap :-)

Eric Mutta said...

Hey Craziequeen,

Thanks for flying by Teh Blogfather earlier on.

For the price of a joke, quote or fact, you can submit your blog to me and I'll write a wacky promo for it and link to you!

That can be another first ;-)

PS: if you are doing a novel, you should definately check out Teh Blogfather. He promotes lots of poets and writers.

Anonymous said...

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